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FCA training for Music City 1/2 Marathon Begins!

Great start to training for the FCA 1/2 marathon. A great group of FCA faithful showed up at Harris-Teeter at 9 am this morning for our first day of training. A great 3 mile run/walk that took us by the FCA property where we looked at the progress on the building and prayed for this school year and continued blessing on the construction process and thanking the Father for how he has carried our school to this point. Happy New Year!

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On the train headed to Zurich from Salzburg.

Some amazing country & classic scenes.







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“The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music.”

Yes we are in Salzburg,, Austria where Mozart was born and where much of the Sound of Music was filmed. Below are famous locations including the Leopoldskron Palace where the Trapp family lived in the film, the Gazebo where “16 going on 17” was filmed, the Convent & lane where Maria walked down the lane with her bag and guitar, opening scene, and the Mondsee Church where the wedding was filmed.

Mozart’s birthplace as well and beautiful city.

Beautiful country and City.











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Dachau-a visit to horror past. Moving experience & prompting questions.

We visited the Dachau Concentration Camp today. A short train ride from Munich took us to this small village that has suffered the charge of having the same name from where the Nazi Party opened the first prison where convicted inmates were housed after the passage of the Nuremberg Laws which institutionalized racial discrimination.

Opened in 1933 the number of prisoners who went through the camp and died there are still not fully known but there were over 13,000 held there at one time by 1940. The camp records reflect that 205,206 prisoners were received and 31,951 died there. But these are just what was recorded. Many more were suspected of having their fate determined there but not recorded. It was the first and primary training facility for all other Nazi concentration camps.

Surprisingly there are worship facilities built in the camp now for both Catholic and Protestant faiths as well as a Jewish memorial.

Visiting the crematorium and seeing the gas chambers disguised as showers only raised the questions more succinctly – could this ever happen again, is it happening now and not unlike the villagers of Dachau could we be looking the other way as the stoves of Dachau burn night and day?

“Never again” is the pledge written on the camp walls. Only the suffering of the Christ can fully explain and comfort what was lost in this place. Only His sacrifice can cover these sins. I will never understand it fully but there seems to be a peace now even in the midst of a history of horror. On the occasion of the camp being liberated it was near the Orthodox Easter and many priest and clergy imprisoned there held an Easter service to end all services. “In the beginning was the Word…” The priests recited the entire Book of John from memory to begin the service. What a day it must have been. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom in Christ.








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Tour of Disney inspired castle, Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria & other sites of Munich













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We made it to Munich & Pension Lindner

We ended up being later than we expected due to missing our 8:20 Flight in Berlin. Plane from JFK was late so we took the 10:10 flight & are now in our Pension. What’s a Pension you ask? Well it’s somewhat like a bed n breakfast but it’s in a multi- story building & some of the rooms share bathroom facilities. Our 2 rooms have their on WC (water closet for you non international travelers). Very nice. Wireless internet, breakfast included. On the 4th floor. With the appropriate tiny elevator. Very European. The train in from the airport was not to bad & took about an hour with 1 change.

It’s located right in the heart of the shopping district & there are large crowds of early Christmas shoppers. BTW the North Face store is in the same building as our Pension. ;>). Food is the next item & oh yea Caleb was here! more later.

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Can you sleep on an international overnight flight? Here’s what I do.

It never fails that just as I get to that nice sleepy stage the flight attendant will come by and bang my knee ( cause it has somehow made it out to the middle if the isle & I get that wonderful full metal smack right in the middle if the shin & knee. So, now I’m fully awake and wondering what in the world am I doing here and who is re-arranging my kneecap. So, I begin reading again or watching a movie, or maybe doing some work. Invariably the sleep doesn’t come back for some time. On some really long flights or overnight the over the counter pharmaceutical will help (Benadryl, Ex PM) usually does the trick but for the most part it’s about 3 hours max. Which really on a big trip that keeps me perfectly functional.

Not complaining for sure. Love to travel.

Later from Germany.

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A long walk home as a 3rd grader in Waco, TX. 50 yrs ago today.

I don’t remember to much of the announcement at school that day but living just 90 miles from the event that cost so much loss of innocence seemed very scary to an 8 yr old. I do remember teachers crying and the principal at Cedar Ridge Elem. Coming on the intercom & telling us school was closing & we were allowed to walk home. Well over a mile from my house imagine today turning 8yr olds loose with all the hysteria going on. I also remember rumors flying around that the Russians were going to attack. I believe this was my first recollection of Dan Rather & Walter Cronkite. I also recall the first time seeing many adults crying and staring in to space and being unnerved by so many questions and so many not knowing what to do.

This event of JFKs death was just the prelude to so many more events of tragedy & turmoil during my adolescence – his brothers death, MLK, a crazed gunman in the UT Tower in Austin, Kent State, Watts Riots, protest at the Democratic Convention & the threat of being drafted when I turned 18.

These times seem far away but they shaped my early years and solidified that our only hope is in the work on the Cross. A tragic, scandalous time for sure. Ultimate Peace is coming though. May it be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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On our way! Early flight to NY & then on to Munich, Germany

Our traditional Thanksgiving trip with our family. Great have kids who are gainfully employed. More later.

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AdvancED (SACS) Accreditation Conference

Attending the TN AdvancED (which encompasses SACS) accreditation conference in Gatlinburg. Our 5yr re-accreditation is coming up in 18 months and the process from AdvancED has changed. Learning lots and preparing for making our school even more outstanding.

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